A Prologue

Hi there again!

So last time, I promised to introduce the author of this blog a.k.a. myself. To talk honestly, just as how I just randomly opened up this blog and tried to write a rather vague first entry, I can’t think of the best way now to neatly introduce myself. :))

Well, let me just tell you about my day. I just came home from work. I am currently employed at an audit firm, but I’m not an auditor. I do some sort of an advisory work for client firms. I’m still a staff who just worked for barely a month. I was born in January, which makes me 22 years old this month. This is the first time  I’m not letting facebook publish my birthday. I don’t know why but I just feel like being private the next days which gives you a hint that I’m a not-so-moody introvert.

I’m already a certified public accountant from the Philippines. I just graduated last summer of 2013 but I’m still due to march this coming April 2014. I know that it looks uncommon that a CPA loves words more than numbers but that’s just the way I am.

I like my current job but I don’t plan to stay in it very long. After getting some experience, maybe I’d try applying to a private firm. For the meantime, I’m enjoying my ride as a fresh yuppie in Makati.

Obviously, I love writing. I just realized that I love it so much when writing encouragements and opportunities came in these past few months. It dawned on me that it is what makes me bounce up from bed each 5am of everyday. The prospect of getting published someday is what can make my bones jolt in excitement and my eyes glimmer with hope.

As I browsed through my FB newsfeed tonight, I came across this challenge:


Upon checking it out, I was overwhelmed with a storm of writers/aspiring writers actually rising up to the challenge.

Something stirred within me when I saw it.

I belong! Whew! Count me in!

It was a relief to know that the same dilemma I face as an aspirant is well too common across the globe. Even more so, I’m glad to know that there are genuinely talented people willing to support co-writers and build a community with them. (I belong to one such community based locally here in the Philippines, by the way. Will perhaps share more about them on my future entries.) :)

So there. Please support my endeavor by praying that I would be able to stick to this commitment. :)

Lastly, and ultimately, I’m a Christian, a Bible Baptist to be specific. It’s my prayer too that this gift of mine would minister to every heart that would be touched by it. To God be the glory. :)

‘Til my next entry. ^^

Diane Peralta


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