Whiling Away Time at a Bookstore a.k.a. “Bookstore Lerler”


image from collegebookstore.miiduu.com

One of my favorite things to do at a mall is to go to a bookstore and skim through books with interesting titles and eagerly browse through them.

I was at a Book Sale store this afternoon, and I was glad to find time for that little hobby of mine which I coined “bookstore lerler.” I am always amused by the vast range of topics available for readers’ consumption but much more to the swell of ideas an author can produce. My favorite section is the spiritual-slash-inspirational one of course but there would be times that I’d try to look at other interesting fields as well.

While roaming around the shelves, I found a black hardbound book with the title, “Magical Arts.” I was flipping through its pages when my friend, Nikki, patted my back. I was waiting for her actually. She was surprised to see the material on my hands knowing that I’m a  “biblical” person. I told her it just stirred up my curiosity as to what the content of such book could be.

I actually got nothing from the said book but a collection of pictures of traditions, rituals, and other strange stuff people from different cultural backgrounds believe since historical times. I have no purpose to learn or practice them but the mysticism of the dark arts always sounded interesting to me since these compose the other side of the spiritual realm we are never supposed to explore, but  do exist.

Perhaps, if I hadn’t been Christian at a very young age, I would have considered getting a deeper knowledge about such things. Even as a young girl, I have developed a queer inclination to inquire about things which transcend the physical world we see.

But why would I need to go and dig into a realm we have so little information about, when in fact the powers of the prince of this world are all around us – working in more subtle but more effective and stronger ways than ever?

Bad influences creep into our very houses by a volume of media. The television shows, radio programs, posters, newspapers and magazines feature more and more ideologies that veer us away from knowing God in a relational manner.

That black book is just one shelf away from the stack of Bibles and other Christian references. The sad thing is, more people would be keen to browse through all other shelve sections except for that stack of spiritual books freely available for truth seekers.

In today’s world, we blame a lot of what happens to our families or even to ourselves to the media, Hollywood, or pop culture. Our lifestyles are strongly integrated with these influences which inevitably shape our morals, principles, and belief systems.

But the reality is, each of us, regardless, of our age, culture, gender, or religious background has a choice of how to feed our minds. What we fail to recognize as intellectual beings is the accountability that goes with the privilege of having the freedom to choose.

I am not alone with my little hobby. I’m sure that there’s a huge number of people out there who do bookstore lerlers too or other kinds of lerlers he or she wishes.

At the end of the day, what you choose to take away with you after your skimming and browsing will determine whether your little hobby has truly been worth the time.


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