Lessons from An Unexpected Heroine

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We all love good stories – whether as a child being lulled to sleep by adventures of heroes and princesses or as an adult crying or laughing with that latest  movie, series, or novel.  As human beings, we are created with a longing to relate, to feel, and to experience. That’s what sets us apart from any other creature or invention in this planet. We’re not programmed to perform a mundane routine-kind of life. In fact, we detest it.  Instead, our hearts yearn to be involved in a story – be it a success story, drama, intrigue, love, or even horror!

Most of the time, however, the life story that we dream of is still far-fetched from our present reality. It’s only through hearing really good narratives that the gaps in our hearts are somehow bridged and the fire to achieve our dream life story is re-ignited. These are the moments when we feel most alive.

The Bible is full of great stories of adventures, successes, and even failures from where we can draw inspiration and lessons from. The catch in reading Biblical stories is that they did happen, being the historical accounts that they are. This makes them a credible and time-tested source of truth and godly wisdom.

Since it’s February again, I know that most young people, especially us young ladies, would drown ourselves into various materials featuring love and romance. Before we completely lose ourselves into how the world celebrates the so-called “Hearts’ month,” I encourage each of us to take time in reading the book of Esther first and find the following principles very timely in this season of our lives:

Preparation time is vital in building up events before the climax.

Queen Esther was not just randomly and instantaneously crowned as the new Queen. She had to undergo rigorous months of ‘purification’ and ‘beautification’ before she meets the King. This preparation time is essential into shaping her to become the queen of one of the largest empires during that time.

Heroines are seldom just physically beautiful.

It’s true that a comely façade can turn heads around. However, it’s the inward beauty of a heroine that gives flavor to the story. It’s her character that captures the heart of her future King and of the audience as well. Observe how the strength of Queen Esther’s character gave rise to the climax and success of the whole story.

Being installed as Queen is just one chapter of your life. It’s what you do as Queen that sets the story rolling.

Queen Esther stepped up to the challenge of speaking up and protecting her people. It turns out that there’s a higher purpose why God placed her in such a lofty position. It’s not only about being married to a King. It is about being an instrument in God’s grander scheme of things, and fulfilling a role in His story of redeeming His people from destruction.

We are mere actors and actresses in our lives. If we let God be the director, our life story could be one of the best ones ever recounted.

Esther demonstrated her faith by obeying God’s direction in her life every step of the way – from her singleness up to the time she was married and became queen. We might be at that point in our lives when we are being asked by the Lord to step out in obedience to His call. Courageously come after Him, and allow Him to display His power. Trust that He’s at work in the background. You’ll marvel at how the next scenes in your life will unfold.

So to all of us young ladies, all good things are worth waiting and preparing for. Let God shape you into becoming the kind of queen He wants you to be. Happy February!


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