A Letter to my Future Mate: It’s Valentine’s day. Where are you?

Hi there dear,

It’s been Valentine’s day today and I didn’t receive any flowers or chocolates from you.


That’s great! I want to sincerely thank you for not showing up.

Honestly, this morning, as I raced to work, my mind played with the thought of… what if… just what if… I found a bouquet of roses left on my office desk with a note from you? Or what if a group of musicians just crossed my path on the street or sidewalk and suddenly serenaded me with a love song?

What if – this could have been the day that I met you?

Come to think of it, I’m somewhat of age already. This is my first valentine’s day as an employed person and as an emancipated youth. I’m no longer a minor. No longer a student.

I thought you might have considered that. But then, you were just as wise as I pray you would be. Thank you for simply letting this day go by.

Because seriously, I’m not expecting. God knows I’m not ready yet, to see you, to know you. We had a deal, me and God, that He would bring you to my life, at the right moment, at the right place, and in the right manner – if that is part of His best plan for me. Well, this year, I agree with Him, it’s not yet our time.

I would be lying though if I say that I wouldn’t have wanted to meet you now – right at this very moment. ‘Cause I would love to. I’m curious. How did you spend your day today? Where?  With whom?

I would have been proud to tell you now that I’m keeping my heart strong as I wait. Though that is not always the case. I would like to happily announce to you that, no, I’m not affected with all the flowers and cheesiness around me as I squeesh myself through the MRT today. That valentine’s is just another day of the year for me. That I can wait ‘til forever to meet you. ‘Cause deep within, my heart ponders deep questions that my mind can’t opt to neglect.

How would it feel for me to meet you? Would I be excited? Would I instantly fall head over heels in love with you? Or would I rather be annoyed knowing that it’s been you all along?

Questions, deep deep questions.

Of course, there’s also this possibility that you do not exist anywhere in this world today. Maybe someday, up there in the heavens, when everything and everyone is already in their perfect state, I would find someone to share the best times of my eternity with.

But for the meantime, as hopeful as I am still, I’d like to assume that you are somewhere on this earth, perhaps, praying for me too.

As I observe various people and hear stories of them falling in and falling out of love, I pray that you, in their midst, would stand strong and do a good job in guarding your heart.

‘Cause that’s what I’ve been trying to do for you – all along.

Please do hold on, and still believe in pure, true, and sincere love that waits. Please do it for me.

And please, by this time, I pray you have realized already, that there’s no greater purpose, our future love should serve but to glorify our Maker, our One True Love who will bring us together, and hold our hearts forever.

‘Til then, smile ,keep on, find yourself secure in Christ, and enjoy your days. See you some time soon. :)


*photo from tumbr.


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