Burnt Gift

High up into the mountains, you called me Lord

I hearkened unto Your voice as I’ve been told

Rugged, tough, the journey’s so cold

I’m shivering, confused, yet Yours to mold.


I’m bringing with me the gift You gave

The treasure I’ve long waited, so eager to save

You promised, and yes, it’s now in my hand

Thinking, “Finally, I’ve arrived in my Canaan land!”


But why is it Lord, my heart so bleeds

As You call me to seek You down on my knees:

To build a sturdy altar of sacrifice

And offer the gift I thought was mine?


Why give it Lord for my hands to feel

Then take it away despite my zeal?

My beloved, whose preciousness I enjoyed

Would be buried under the woods to fill the void.


Turn not against me, Father, my heart is tensed

How will I let go, yet be free from torment?

The dreams I once built around this desire

Now crumble to pieces and drown to the mire.


These tears, dear God, I cannot withhold

As I fearfully dread what the future might hold;

Yet as I climb higher and higher up to the peak

I heed Your mighty voice in thunder speak.


Yea, Lord, great Jehovah, I present before You

This precious gift You swore and gave

At your disposal Lord, for it is still You

Who giveth and taketh, blessed be Your Name!


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