The Truth About Your First Job

Thought Catalog

You aren’t the second coming. Your employer did not glimpse your resume amongst a pile of worthless ones, aglow with the light of fairies, and proclaim “Yes! I have found her!” What more likely happened was the HR department found itself drowning in a sea of both qualified and unqualified candidates and your resume had at least some relevant skills, education, or combination thereof, and you were the one who seemed the most normal during the interview. Should you feel confident beginning your first job? Absolutely. Should you think you were plucked from a pool of less intelligent, less qualified candidates, the sole beacon of hope for your employer? No. A good dose of perspective on this point is necessary for going into your first job with the appropriate frame of mind: that you haven’t proved anything yet.

You will not do anything groundbreaking for some time. Your head might…

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