Current events – On Rainbow Hues

Since yesterday, my facebook wall is a waterfall of just two things – UP Grad photos and rainbow tinted profile pics.

Both of which – graphically captivating. The latter, however, caught not only my eyes but also my intrigued mind. Interestingly, mixed reactions to the recent US Supreme court ruling have drawn a stark contrast between the Christian faith and the LGBT plea.img from

Of course, if you know me personally, you know which side I am in. As a Christian, and a Bible Baptist at that, I just can’t contain my reaction to this important and historical phenomenon (at least in the USA). If the other side can unabashedly talk about their preferences, what’s the reason to stay mum? After all, I stand for the ultimate truth and authority I hold on to – God’s quick, sharp, piercing, and powerful Word.

Here’s a brief rundown of my thoughts:

  • Isaiah’s cry: Woe unto them! 

First of all, let’s not try to sugar coat things anymore to make people feel a little less guilty. We have too much of that pampering already going on in today’s modern society. There’s just too much people around who encourage one another to exercise their freedom to the point of abusing it. Let’s not be ashamed to declare it: homosexuality is a sin. And yesterday, the US Supreme court decided to legalize a sin. Thankfully, the Bible stands firm and true. Legalizing a sin does not make it less of a sin.

So yes, I echo Isaiah’s cry: Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil! (Isa. 5:8).

  • #lovewins tagline

Along with the rainbow colors that swept through my newsfeed, comes the hashtag “lovewins.” I can’t help but go back to what the Bible says about love. In 1 Corinthians 13, it says that love does not seek or insist its own way. It also does not rejoice in iniquity or wrongdoing but rather rejoices in the truth. How are we sure that it is love, in the context of recent events, that really won?

  • Threat to the family as a  foundational unit of society

We are taught that the family is the building block of the society. It is the place where our character, beliefs, and values as a person are first established. As a daughter and a fruit of a heterosexual marriage, I can’t imagine my life growing up with either two moms or two dads. I’m not a psychologist to say this, but that for sure would’ve made an impact to my growth – emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Sorry but I just can’t reconcile that set-up in my system now. It really blows my mind. Really. Such would surely create confusion –  something that I don’t want to see happen to the future generation – not especially in our own country.

  • The issue about Christians being haters and judgmental.

No we are not the majority here. We do not oppress anyone. We do not manipulate governments and publish laws so don’t make us look like we do. We are the minority who simply hold God’s Word as sacred, true, and worthy of being heard. And no, we do not hate anybody. We love everyone such that we are not ashamed to tell people if what they do is wrong according to the Bible. We would like everyone to know that judgment awaits those who abuse their freedom. (See Romans 1:37-42)

But more importantly, we proclaim that God – the champion of love that ultimately prevails – would like to rescue us back. He offers the kind of love that transcends all longings in this life and for all eternity. If we would only repent and heed His call. (Romans 5:8, 6:23)

So lastly please, don’t use Bible verses to get back to us. We know our contexts better than most of you do. We know the eternal implications of these verses more than you do. So please, before you judge us as radicals and hypocrites, please know that we do this out of concern and love – that there is more to life than being  a slave to sin. That it is Christ who offers true freedom, joy, and love this world can never give.


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