Cokeniversary – Journey to 1.5 years as a Yuppie

So it’s a random Wednesday evening right here in our dorm at Kalayaan. Waited for some friends to go online for a blog planning meeting. Randomly chatted people in search of a place called Mt. Hermon. Randomly chatted by a far-related auntie. Randomly chatted my discipler from college.

Random. Perhaps, that’s the best word to describe most of my experiences so far this year. I’m currently halfway through my second year as a working person in my second job. So far the first half of this year has been a major transitioning process for me. It’s as if I’ve just started my life as a ‘legit’ workplace person only this year: new job, new place to stay, new friends and colleagues, new work dynamics, new culture, new responsibilities, new pacing, almost new everything.

Coke 1.png

I remember as I started this year, my only mantra was “iwas-stress” which is very much contrary to my usual lengthy goals and pegs at the beginning of each year. Maybe it’s because in the first place, from then on, I didn’t really know what to expect from my life. It felt like stepping into a long tunnel of uncertainty without the option of turning back. The next step only reveals itself as I take the courage to venture forward.

Along the way, I tried to make up some plans too. Most of them, however, are geared towards recreation and side-passions. Aside from deciding to leave an audit firm last December, moving to an FMCG, and investing in UITF last June, there’s not much progress to update about my “professional/career” life.

For the record, I consider this year as a breather so far – a “bwelo” in Tagalog. There’s not much issues in life to deal with – no mindboggling situation where my faith is being tested for, no wrestling with God – something I miss from my first job and college (NOT!).

For half a year now, this sort of lie-low, random, and inch-by-inch adjusting life seems to be working for me so far. However, these past few days, my natural melancholia got me to rethink if it still indeed does. I found out I’m afraid that this phase may drag me on too long to the point of complacency.

So I’m resolved to accomplish a few things before this year ends while still allowing room for myself to breathe and enjoy the current pacing I have.

In the middle of it all – I am reminded to let God be God – as constant as He is in every season of my life.

‘Til my next random update.


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