Breaking Inertia

It is in every human to find stability – to establish cadence in our daily lives. We are pretty simple beings. We like everything anticipated, calculated, and planned. We resist anything that may distress the natural rhythm of our otherwise calm and predicted course of existence.

So we work, and we work hard. We establish routines. We create systems. We fill our calendars with events and celebrations. We book our leisure. We reserve time for the things that are our priorities at the moment. And in this fast-paced world that we live in, there is an underlying fuel to rush everything – map out each plan not only per day but by the minute.


But sometimes in our otherwise predictable path, an opportunity comes in, or a sickness, or a death, or a disappointment, or a mind-boggling realization – an irresistible force that tramples upon our regular rhythm without any hint and disrupts our established routines. We are forced to make decisions we are not ready to face. Suddenly, fear engulfs us, or anger, or hatred. So we deny it. We fight it, as hard as we can. ‘Cause deep in us, we want to regain the security, the stability, and the peacefulness we lost in the disruption. We want the comfortable status quo back though the best we can do within our power is to win back our lost momentum. As our life changes course albeit inevitably, we have achoice whether to stall or to keep moving forward – despite the pain, the anxiety, the discomfort, the frustration, the guilt, or the rest of the spectrum of emotions, we are all entitled to feel.

With this new path to tread, no matter how uncertain, we have to pick up a new pace, adjust to a new speed and move on because life won’t do the work for us. It won’t stop flowing for our sake. We have to believe that there is much more beauty to look forward to beyond the bleak that is threatening before us. Only then shall we find the life we are dying to live.


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