On Being 23

  For me, being 23 is a paradoxical year to be in. It’s a year when I was both old enough to make decisions on my own yet young still to have the courage to make them anyway. It’s a year when I enjoyed bouts of childhood coming back – a year I got to relive how it’s … More On Being 23

A Prologue

Hi there again! So last time, I promised to introduce the author of this blog a.k.a. myself. To talk honestly, just as how I just randomly opened up this blog and tried to write a rather vague first entry, I can’t think of the best way now to neatly introduce myself. :)) Well, let me … More A Prologue

Transitionary Post – Avoiding the Writer’s Tragedy.

Hi there! Say hello to an aspiring writer here who just created her first entry to her first “formal” blog supposedly (whatever is meant by formal). To tell the truth, she’s been struggling to form her thoughts for months now about what she’s going to share to the rest of the world and whether she’ll … More Transitionary Post – Avoiding the Writer’s Tragedy.