Breaking Inertia

It is in every human to find stability – to establish cadence in our daily lives. We are pretty simple beings. We like everything anticipated, calculated, and planned. We resist anything that may distress the natural rhythm of our otherwise calm and predicted course of existence. So we work, and we work hard. We establish … More Breaking Inertia

Unexpected: Heeding the Call to Produce Faith-based Films

So today wraps up our four-day film making workshop (pre-production) which ran every Saturday of February 2016. It was only last January when Pastor Reuben announced that this kind of a seminar would actually push through. It never really occurred to me that I would be immersed in this kind of an experience during the … More Unexpected: Heeding the Call to Produce Faith-based Films

On Being 23

  For me, being 23 is a paradoxical year to be in. It’s a year when I was both old enough to make decisions on my own yet young still to have the courage to make them anyway. It’s a year when I enjoyed bouts of childhood coming back – a year I got to relive how it’s … More On Being 23


*A reflection written in 2014 There are days when disappointment strikes like the familiar sound of rain drops on the pavement. Another day from the office has passed and I’m on my way to the MRT station to join another epic queue. I opted to stroll the long sidewalk of Ayala Avenue despite the rain than to wait for my turn … More Pointless