Years Apart

The  tragedy of us is not kilometers. It is hours, minutes, seconds ticking by. Yes,we have ticked away all those years of what could have been – had we not grown apart. If it were only kilometers, I would have run towards you – whenever I miss you. If it were only the boundaries of … More Years Apart

On Beauty – Full Text of my Baccalaureate 2014 Speech :)

To our beloved pastor, Bp. Reuben Abante, mission pastors, fellowship group leaders, Sunday school teachers, advisers, parents, students, fellow graduates, and guests, good evening.   I had this memorable conversation with one of my officemates the past week. He asked me, “What is beauty?” Startled and amused by his random question, I answered back, “..if … More On Beauty – Full Text of my Baccalaureate 2014 Speech :)

On Writer’s Terror

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
A guest post from Sharon Rawlette, suitable for Halloween: Everyone who is a writer or knows a writer is aware of how terrifying it can be to sit down in front of a blank page. Why? A carpenter doesn’t look at a bare cinderblock foundation, drop his tool belt, and run away screaming.…

8 Things about Career Life College Won’t Teach You

Congratulations almost-grad! Barely two months left and you will be marching your way up the stage to receive a scroll supposed to be your diploma. It took four or five years of blood, tears, sweat, and eye bags to earn your elusive degree. Soon, you too, will be joining the workforce. Chances are you’ll be … More 8 Things about Career Life College Won’t Teach You

Burnt Gift

High up into the mountains, you called me Lord I hearkened unto Your voice as I’ve been told Rugged, tough, the journey’s so cold I’m shivering, confused, yet Yours to mold.   I’m bringing with me the gift You gave The treasure I’ve long waited, so eager to save You promised, and yes, it’s now … More Burnt Gift